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                CONTACT US

                Service Tel

                Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou Machine thriving industrial city road
                Tel: +86-571-88102468,18058760891
                Fax: +86-571-88102466
                Code: 310002
                About us
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                Zhejiang Haishen New Material Co.,Ltd Incorporated in 1986, the company is a private enterprise, employees nearly 200 people, is a professional production and sales of horizontal and vertical machining centers, large gantry milling machine, high speed wire EDM, surface grinder full range of hydraulic components manufacturing enterprises, the company adhere technology-oriented, based on technology innovation uphold the technology accumulated three decades, with Heavenly brand series of horizontal and vertical machining centers, large gantry speed wire EDM series and best-selling products and exported to Southeast Asian countries, surface grinder Grinder hydraulic components and all domestic manufacturers to provide support.

                The company has a professional R & D team and management personnel, is supported by the state in the field of high-tech enterprises, R & D center in Hangzhou, and has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, the company has advanced processing equipment and testing equipment, manufacturing and processing capacity in the industry advanced level, to ensure the company's Hang CNC machine each product quality assurance.

                The company has a sound service system, professional service team keeps in close contact with customers and stands ready to provide technical support and service, the customer demand for the company's various customer offers different products for customers to choose to meet customer needs.

                The company assumes pursue quality of survival, to manage for efficiency, integrity and development of business ideas, highlighting Heavenly products, new and old customers to provide better products and better services.

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                Tel: +86-571-88102468 Fax: +86-571-88102466/89170583
                Contact: Manager Yu +86-13968090763 Manager Chen +86-15869160778
                Add: Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou Machine thriving industrial city road